How I work

The body – place of livingness, where we feel, where we experience emotions, where we act from, create moods. We express ourselves through our body. The “self” is felt through the body. By working with the body, we can cultivate the emotional, physical and spiritual self .
– Richard Strozzi-Heckler

I am a mind-body therapist. My therapies involve both working hands-on with the body and, crucially, cultivating an active practice of body awareness through ‘mindfulness’ techniques. To get to the root of the health issue, I will help you access and explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs about yourself, directly impacting your life and physical wellbeing. In my experience, shifting a negative cognitive perception has had a profound and enduring effect on the physical condition.

Have you ever had a light bulb moment about your health, it may be related to a food intolerance or discovering yoga, or some kind of insight or sudden breakthrough enabling you to achieve an important goal? It’s a great feeling and the world feels right again.  The improvement is all too often short-lived; you hit a plateau or worse still, you regress. This may bring about a sense of failure or a dip in self-esteem for not being able to sustain your efforts. The negativity may result in returning to the habits and behaviours that you were trying so hard to break free from. Sounds familiar?

This is because your subconscious mind (which
Related imageis driving 90% of your daily life) holds your core beliefs – how you relate to the world and the people in it, your self worth, lovability, etc. Negative beliefs attract negative events, relationships and health issues into your life, such as draining partners, bully bosses and adverse physical discomforts.

Discovering core beliefs and changing them can lead to making lasting changes to your life. By working through the body with my mind-body therapies, practices and techniques I can help you access and change your negative core beliefs and embody a positive outlook and a healthier you.

The body knows everything and is always trying to communicate with us. But stress, work commitments and modern living has taken its toll on the body and the only time we listen to it, if at all, is when we fall ill. Having a form of mind-body therapy will kick start your system and help you connect with your body so you can start listening for messages and taking preventative care of yourself.

Working together, I will give you my full commitment, which means exploring the underlying and sometimes difficult cause of your discomfort in a safe a supportive style. I endeavour to help clients overcome health problems without medication, where possible, which often simply masks the problem.

Your commitment to improved health is attending treatments regularly, following my advice on diet, supplements, exercise and mindfulness techniques.

We will be working together with the same goal in mind – to give you your health back. Are you in?